Re-Branding the idea of Revolution


I read this article in the student newspaper produced on campus about the interview which Russell Brand featured on for Newsnight:

I felt compelled to put forward my own perspective which greatly differs from what I thought was a rather shallow perspective on his interview. I have also submitted this to the newspaper and the editor enjoyed reading it so hopefully it will be published to put out an alternative perspective:


“I personally dislike Russell Brand when it comes to his flamboyant comedy and I would be the first to admit that he does seem rather misogynistic and yet I found myself admiring his larger than life attitude in his recent interview as it completely undermined Jeremy Paxman’s attempts to ridicule the overall message of what Brand was trying to say.


Paxman, as well as many others, have challenged Brand for his lack of credentials when it comes to putting forward a political perspective and yet there was very little in the interview which could be refuted. Moreover, the very fact that the interview went viral with millions watching it on Youtube a couple of days after it was aired just goes to show how much his anger and frustration at our “democracy” resonates with ordinary people.


There is an antipathy, not apathy, with the mainstream parties and it’s no surprise. All of the mainstream political parties have told us that austerity is the only answer to a crisis caused by the crippling weight of banks which have become too big to fail, corporations that have become experts in paying no tax along with a political class that is as unaccountable as it is out of touch.


The Conservatives promised no top-down reorganisation of the NHS which is now being privatised, the Liberal Democrats promised an end to tuition fees but instead have been complicit in seeing fees tripled and the Labour Party, which once stood for working-class people has kept silent on the issue of renationalising OUR Royal Mail, OUR NHS and reversing the attacks to OUR education system. Then there is UKIP which seems to be an overtly racist and homophobic caricature of the Tories.


With this in mind, is it so ridiculous to think that Russell Brand is uninspired to vote? If there is nobody to turn to at the ballot box why pretend that there is? Also, why is somebody not entitled to a political opinion if they don’t vote? None of the mainstream parties have any solutions to the economic woes other than to hammer the poor with austerity while showering the rich with tax breaks and obscene bonuses while selling off our assets to their rich friends and that is something I cannot be complicit in by voting in any of the charlatans in the main parties.


Clegg, Cameron, Johnson and Miliband have certainly made use of their “skills” as politicians if skills refer to lying through their teeth and looking out for their own interests and the interests of their friends in the City Of London. What none of them have adequately done is close tax loopholes for the rich or provide anything but utter despair and desolation for the majority of people who are becoming increasingly fed up with politicians that promise plenty but deliver nothing when they get elected.


I certainly don’t think that Russell Brand is anything like a leader to the growing and frustrated population that are fed up with the way things are but for ten minutes on Newsnight he certainly encapsulated their indignation. Russell Brand’s call for revolution may seem like it goes too far for the likes of Paxman. However, for this student who is about to graduate with no prospects of gainful employment it seems like a much more viable option than supporting a system that only seems capable of producing two-dimensional politicians who help bankers while ignoring food banks and rewards “job creators” despite the overwhelming lack of jobs. But what would I know when I have only suffered the effects of politics rather than being educated in how to conduct myself accordingly?”

 I would also like to add to the end of this article that the political alternative and indeed the idea of revolution will remain just that if it is not built for. I would therefore encourage any and all to get involved with a Party that stands firmly with working-class people rather than the political elite who are perpetuating this crisis. To join the Socialist Party, follow this link:


For more information on what we stand for follow this link:


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