An Appeal to Vote TUSC, not UKIP in the Local Elections this May

Having conversed with a few UKIP supporters I have produced a statement in response to some of their arguments which highlights why people should seriously consider voting for TUSC in the upcoming elections rather than brandishing UKIP as a protest vote. The statement will follow below but here is the article from which this statement has arisen:

Our policies and methods are not based on Utopian or unattainable ideals and if elected we will put our money where our mouth is and start fighting back against the vicious and unnecessary austerity measures being imposed on us all while big businesses are allowed to enjoy all the benefits of loopholes and tax havens.

As for the point about Bulgarian and Romanian workers, what’s wrong with welcoming them? I would imagine it is far better to welcome them and get them involved with demanding a living wage for all workers rather than blaming immigrants for problems caused by the fat cats. The problem we have with immigration is not the immigrants themselves but the big businesses that go over to less economically developed countries like Poland, Bulgaria and Romania to employ (exploit) migrant workers through agencies as a way to undercut the British minimum wage.

The solution isn’t to close borders as this will just mean that the EU sends back all Brits from EU countries, a good portion of whom are retired. By the way, before you say anything, I also want out of the EU but not for the same reasons as UKIP (nationalism/protectionism/patriotism) and I’ll be happy to expand upon my position there if required. If we exchange hardworking immigrants for retired Brits it will create a strain on the economy as there will be less hands to do the work. Not to mention that these Ex-pats probably won’t appreciate being uprooted from the homes they’ve created abroad.

If, as I suspect, you raise the point about unemployment figures for Brits, I would say that is because we’re not investing in manufacturing and production which needs addressing. It won’t be addressed by kicking out the immigrants, it will be addressed by, for example, building more schools and social housing to get builders back into work whilst ensuring people have homes to live in and schools for their children to attend. This will also stimulate the economy as there will be more people in work and thus they will have more money to spend.

Unions are there to represent their members, you’re right. As a Socialist, I am there to encourage greater cooperation between unions and the wider community so that everybody feels that they are being adequately represented.

As for the union hierarchy, I’m a member of Unite but I also disagree with the gravy train. Why should a union official essentially get paid a wage closer to that of a boss than the workers they are meant to represent.

Again, I’m not advocating that we remain part of the EU as I see it as an undemocratic neo-liberal banking cartel, there to serve the interests of a few oligarchs. I would argue for an exit from the EU and the building of a Europe that works in the interests of everybody rather than an elite few. You’ll notice this is very different from the nationalistic reasons which UKIP want out of the EU for.

I, as a working class person have also become cynical of the Labour Party, that is why I’m not standing for the Labour Party. I’m standing against the Labour Party and for TUSC. I know the unions also have their faults too which is why I’m working hard in mine to address some of the issues I have raised. However, as democratic organisations of workers they have the potential to be a powerful but honest force in politics if they are run in the interests of their members rather than their bureaucrats. I’d much rather unions are involved in influencing politics than the likes of the Bilderberg group.

If you agree with these points, I’d strongly consider you vote for TUSC on Thursday 22nd May. I realise that you are a supporter of UKIP but in the privacy of the polling booth, you will be able to choose which candidate/party best reflects your views without any impunity.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Aldred

TUSC candidate for the Ham Ward


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