TUSC candidate intervenes at a UKIP Public Meeting

I was very wary about going on my own but I am glad that I intervened on behalf of TUSC at a UKIP meeting that was being held this evening. I got to speak to a few different people and pointed out how UKIP are just another establishment party.

It was very tiring to try to argue a position that was against the undemocratic and bureaucratic nature of the neo-liberal EU whilst remaining strongly opposed to the ideas of nationalism/protectionism particularly when outnumbered 8 to 1 at points.

Some paraphrased UKIP comments that stuck out in my mind:

“some cuts are, of course, necessary” I disagree, if we bring big businesses to account on their unpaid taxes we would quickly find that no austerity measures are necessary.

“we’re all nationalists” …which I refuted.

“We just want to put British people first” …which I argued was hinting at a very dangerous ideology.

“We need to get our immigration policy under control” …which I argued was scapegoating immigrants when it is the fault of big business exploiting migrant labour. The solution was to work with migrant communities to raise wages and make it economically unviable for companies to exploit both migrants and British workers.

“I think it’s unfair that we’ve been attacked so heavily by the media and had so much of our campaign material vandalised” …I argued that I did not support vandalism but I did pose the question why is it that you think your party attracts so many racist types?

To which the response was along the lines of “we’re not the only party that has racists in our ranks and we do deal with them but the media likes to broadcast heavily when it happens within our ranks, you don’t hear the same for the other parties”… to which I replied do you not think that your policies which are based on nationalism and protectionism easily attract xenophobic and racist types?

“We specifically ban people that have ever had anything to do with the BNP” …to which I responded, do you not think that it says something that your party has to keep reiterating its stance on that issue? Doesn’t it also say something about what your policies hint at?

There were plenty more instances that my tired brain can’t recall right now but I hope I managed to at least get some of these people to have a serious think about the party they are supporting. I’m told UKIP now has about 35,000 members.

I was also interviewed and photographed by a reporter from the Guardian so I hope that the TUSC message of Socialism and Internationalism speaks louder than some of the nationalistic views being supported at this evening’s meeting.

Ryan Aldred

TUSC Candidate for the Ham Ward





  1. Well done mate!

  2. UKIP are no answer to austerity. Engage brain before filling in ballot paper – UKIP want a flat-rate income tax which would hammer the poor, they want to privatise our public services and the party is full of bigots and xenophobes. if you want to cast a protest vote, then look at http://www.tusc.org.uk, for a real alternative.

    • As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Most people who support UKIP have picked them up as a stick to bash the main parties with without realising how thorny that stick is.

      Many people who I’ve spoken to on the doorsteps are so fed up of the mainstream parties that they are desperately seeking an alternative. With the millions of pounds worth of campaign material UKIP have been able to churn out, many have gravitated towards them, but it only takes two minutes to expose them for what they really are.

      This is why we desperately need to spread the TUSC message to show that there is a genuine alternative to the main parties that isn’t steeped in Thatcherism. Thanks Walton.

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