If You’re Against Cuts, Sign Up To TUSC


This is the first time that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has undertaken such a huge campaign in Plymouth, managing to stand candidates across all 19 wards this May.

With relatively small numbers on the ground, we have managed to exceed even our own expectations of 500-1,000 votes by achieving 1,168 votes. We never expected to win seats this time round as we simply do not have the resources to effectively reach all 250,000 Plymouth residents yet.

However, with 19 candidates and a modest number of supporters we’ve already inspired over 1,100 people to reject the notion that austerity is a necessity and from this we will continue to build. We have already had a great deal of interest from people who are willing to get involved with TUSC and we now need to build the TUSC campaign so that next year we can build on some excellent foundations and gain even more ground.

The fact that Bill Stevens, newly reelected Labour Councillor for Devonport, saw fit to make a dig at us by proclaiming that he is a “real trade unionist and socialist” shows that Labour are already feeling the pressure that we are exerting on them.

The irony of his statement was that at the same time as he was making this ostentatious proclamation, the Labour led Council were at the courts petitioning for the next batch of Council Tax Liability Orders.

20,000 people, in a population of around 250,000 have found themselves in arrears since the Welfare Reform Act was brought in in April 2013. Labour chose to protect their reserves rather than the poorest and most vulnerable by choosing to implement a 25% cut in Council Tax Benefit.

This is why Labour may claim that they are “real trade unionists and socialists” but it is also why they are woefully quiet when TUSC can proudly state that it is against cuts.

Well done to all those who have helped TUSC to achieve a monumental result, especially considering that 17 of our candidates have never stood for TUSC before. Now we need you to get involved with TUSC so that we can continue to campaign on issues that affect people throughout the year and be ready to launch an even bigger election campaign next year.

Remember, if you’re against cuts, sign up to TUSC!

Best Wishes,

Ryan Aldred

Recent TUSC candidate for the Ham Ward

2014-04-11 11.31.19



  1. and yet they didnt even manage 100 votes in total lmao full of shit they are

    • 1000*

      • We got 1,168 votes in Plymouth so we did get over 1,000 based on 19 candidates and modest support. Next year, with all the new recruits that we are currently receiving we shall be launching a much bigger campaign. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and over 1,100 votes is a huge first step to take.

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