A Chapter Ends: Acknowledgements and New Beginnings


My provisional results are provisional no more. With a score of 67.23%, I have officially graduated from the University of Plymouth with an Honours Degree in Sociology with Psychology with an Upper Division Second Class Honours.

I was meant to write an Acknowledgements section to my dissertation but due to a lack of time I had to forgo it in order to get my dissertation in by the deadline in true student fashion! However, I think it is much more fitting that I instead acknowledge all of those who have helped me get through my degree as a whole.

It is with this that I would therefore like to thank all of my friends and family for being a part of this experience which has been as much about self-discovery as it has been about studying the human mind and society as a whole.

I would like to give special thanks to quite a number of people who have gone above and beyond to either help get me through or have at the very least been there when things have gotten tough.

My first special thanks would have to go to my mum, dad, nan and granddad. Without your moral support and financial help I would never have gotten this far. I know it’s been a bumpy ride but I made it in the end!

I would next like to thank James Gourlay who made my lectures incredibly entertaining, even if it was in the most depraved sense!

I would like to say a massive thanks to Pete Stuttard, Lyvinia Rogers-Elleschild and Mike Sheaff who have all been particularly inspiring in delivering a first-rate education. Without your engaging lectures, your passion for education and your genuine interest in seeing students do well, I don’t think I would have gotten through and that goes equally for all of you.

I would like to give thanks to Karis Cameron for spurring me on to finish this degree. As much as I have enjoyed achieving this degree, it provides me with even more satisfaction knowing that you now owe me a degree for appealing to my competitive spirit!

Karen Bond needs a mention as you’ve been a help in more ways than you may realise. We seriously need to spend more time together as there’s just not enough chaos in my life right now!

I would also like to thank Steve and Robin for providing sage counsel and pushing me to complete my degree at a time when I was faltering. Self-doubt can be an important aspect of ourselves but it is nevertheless something to be overcome.

I would like to thank my housemates who have been more than patient with me, particularly when the deadlines were approaching and I’d be scampering around in the middle of the night taking a five minute break from assignments.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Socialist Party and the Committee for a Workers’ International for giving me a thirst for undertaking a serious Marxist education which has played a huge part in my studies, especially in my final dissertation.

I would like to thank Ian, James, John, Nik, Alison, George, Krishna, Ieva, Laurence, Nick, Gareth and Tom N for all volunteering to be a part of my dissertation. You’ve all helped no end!

I would also like to say another big thanks to Laurence and thanks to Bex who have both provided a welcome distraction but have also been a motivating force in finishing this degree.

Finally, I would like to thank Tom N (again), George (again) and Tom S for all being true friends and ensuring that I don’t take life too seriously but that I take it just seriously enough to get through and enjoy doing so.

I would like to say that it has been a great experience overall and I have met countless new friends as well as having the opportunity to experience many new things which I may not have done if it weren’t for my dad giving me that kick when I needed it most.

Things are currently very tough but being that I’ve been a poor student for so long I’m well equipped to deal with poverty! That being said, I have plenty of opportunity ahead with another chance to represent Plymouth at the Socialist Party National Committee coming up, job interviews being lined up all of next week and last but not least, a very special someone will be jumping out of the past and onto a plane in just over a month to catch up on seven years worth of distance, which does not seem to have made the slightest difference to our connection.

I shall now get back to regularly updating this blog and I shall make sure that my next chapters are documented as the success lies not in the destination but in the journey.

I’ll now be signing out with my newly gained status and wish my readers all the best.

Yours Sincerely,

Ryan John Aldred BSc (Hons)


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  1. Awww you are more than welcome Ryan. I am glad I had a positive impact, and here you are, all completed! I shall start investigating that Open Degree as we speak.

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