Labour and Tories Enter Grand Cuts Coalition

2014-07-10 12.08.44

Since the General Election, Labour have been increasingly inward looking as they come to terms with falling horrendously short of shutting the Tories out. Drawing all of the wrong conclusions, the leadership are moving rightwards as they view their defeat in the polls as a sign that they were too left-wing. In reality, the lack of an alternative on offer is really the issue which has seen them falling short of forming the next Government. Labour promised to continue on with the austerity onslaught started by the Conservatives and their now collapsed Liberal Democrat partners and in doing so have been snubbed at the polls.

Despite the similarities in their economic strategy, Labour had nevertheless been posing themselves as an alternative to the Conservatives in their rhetoric. This will have undoubtedly swayed many voters who have seen Labour move further and further rightwards but would hold their nose and remain faithful to Labour to “stop the Tories getting in”. It will therefore come as a shock to many of these people to see Labour reveal how far they have degenerated as they have now formally agreed to share power with the Conservatives in Plymouth’s hung council.

Labour will no doubt justify this arrangement as a means of shutting the 3 UKIP Councillors out from becoming kingmakers with the Tories now that Labour have lost their majority on the council. If that is the case then Labour will quickly fall to pieces as it is simply siding with what it considers to be the least worst of two bad options. If Labour were willing to take more of a lead and not implement the eye-watering cuts passed down from national level they would probably never have lost their majority on the council but this latest move will only alienate those who will have voted Labour to keep the Tories out.

In light of this move, Plymouth’s 3 UKIP Councillors will most likely portray themselves as the rebellious anti-establishment underdogs but only a cursory glance at their voting patterns shows that they are just as much a part of the problem. Having offered no resistance to the cuts by not tabling an alternative budget and even voting against implementing a living wage for all Council staff, it is clear that UKIP in Plymouth are just another brand of establishment offering another brand of austerity.

With no illusions in Labour as the reality of this grand cuts coalition will start going about its business of butchering public services, people will very quickly start looking for alternatives. The trade union leaders will now have a very difficult time arguing that Labour are an alternative when the evidence is clearly showing otherwise. The attacks on jobs, conditions and public services will now come thick and fast and people will be looking for a means of organising to fight back and resist the compounding of an already desperate situation.

People will not need to look far as the Socialist Party and TUSC continue to campaign for an end to the cuts and the immediate implementation of a £10 an hour minimum wage, standing shoulder to shoulder with workers as they take to strike action. Labour’s collaboration with the Tories shows that they are not in any way an alternative. We can either mourn at the loss of a Party that is no longer ours or we can be part of the building of an alternative that effectively counters what the Tories have in store for us. Now is the time to get involved with TUSC, join the Socialist Party and build a movement to end austerity.

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  1. This is the only way we are going to be able to convince people that they are being lied to .. day in day out

    But what is the end game of all this ??

    I think that it is simply all been done to drill us into the ground .. making us hate each other rather than the people causing the systemic issues…. .. At the same time you can argue that ‘most people ‘ are not efficient and do waste alot of resources . They don’t care about their communities ..

    The super rich care about ‘their’ communities .

    The socialist ideals have been usurped by the rich … and we have the bad end of the stick ..






    • In the pursuit of profit the super rich are all to keen to quell anything that gets in the way of profit as showcased by the ISDS clause of the TTIP agreement which is being discussed in private.

      The endgame is the continuation of Capitalism even if it has to reform itself over the bones of working-class people.

      The rich and champagne socialists may have tried to enrich themselves whilst claiming it is all in the name of Socialism but they have no interest in building genuine Socialism.

      If we are to build for the socialist transformation of society we cannot rely on representatives to do it for us. We all need to be part of a movement that plans society based on need rather than leaving everything to the whims of Capitalists pursuing private profits.

      Thanks for the comment Tom I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts even if the news is less than favourable.

  2. The Labour group in Portsmouth did the same after the last council elections, going into an ‘unofficial’ coalition with Tories and UKIP. When this was raised at Unison South East Region Seminar the response was ‘We aren’t happy about that’ then continued to campaign for Labour!

    I couldn’t agree more once again with your analysis, despite the election result there has already been some movement to make me feel positive about the future. We now have a really excellent chance at making ground with some disputes coming to the fore, (sadly at the moment not the RMT) and marches/demo’s being organised around the country. For example, the brilliant Youth Fight For Jobs campaign mobilising this Wednesday in conjunction with the queens speech at the opening of parliament.

    Unfortunately, nothing yet from the TUC who I’m sure will hope to be let off the hook by The Peoples Assembly Anti-Austerity march in London on 20th June. We have to make sure this is not the case and demand action from them and fight towards general strike action, These right wing trade union leaders have sat on their hands waiting for a Labour government that never materialised for the reasons you said. (Again, spot on!). This is unforgivable and they now need removal in favour of left wing fighters like Roger Bannister standing against the cowardly and despicable Dave Prentis at Unison this year.

    I am feeling fresh and ready for a scrap, I hope many more are too. And what better way to get on board than by coming to the National Shop Steward Network (NSSN) rally in London on 4th July, just a couple of weeks after the march in London.

    Solidarity Brother, hope to see you there?

    • I didn’t know that about Portsmouth but more mounting evidence that the Labour Party has completely detached from its roots.

      The election results have shown that faith in the main parties continues to fall and though the Tories have a majority there is now an explosive anger matching their overconfidence that they have a mandate for continued hammering of working-class people.

      I have no doubt that the attacks will come thick and fast but I also have no doubts that we will see more defiant resistance. We now need to take the initiative when others lose heart but be part of the struggles that are already building in workplaces and in the streets. We need to develop the 10NOW campaign, demand a 24 hour General Strike against the Anti-Union laws and oppose the barbarism of Capitalism with the building of Socialism.

      I’ll be at the People’s Assembly and I’ll aim to be at the NSSN conference too. Solidarity Declan, I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

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