Reflections on struggle: A homage to brothers and sisters…

Dear reader,

You will have to forgive me for my neglect of this blog over the last month or so, I’ve been incredibly busy writing a different story out in the streets and this blog has been woefully unattended. Due to the chaos of my life right now though, I have plenty of things to write about and so I hope you will continue to enjoy my sporadic posts. It is in these times of intense struggle that I have come to build much stronger bonds with my proletariat brothers and sisters. This has led to some of my friends really coming together to provide support and encouragement for me as I hope I return in kind.Image

For example, there is nothing quite like an expertly prepared meal produced by a clear genius of a cook after a long day’s campaign work, a decent glass of wine and the fine company of such a wonderful comrade. My thanks go to Nigel (pictured above, on the right), it was just what I needed to recharge the quickly draining batteries. I have been overdoing it a little this week due to my election campaign for a seat on the Council in the Southway ward. However, a good meal, some great conversation and a place to crash when my strength fails me, leaves a man wondering what could wealth and riches possibly offer me that I would want over these things that have made me feel enriched in spirit. My thanks also go to Rob (pictured above, second from left) who is my election agent in the upcoming elections and has already made a sterling effort in spreading the ideas of Socialism in the ward in which I’m standing as a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate, long before I’ve even had chance to step foot in the ward!


It is at times like this, with enduring and relentless struggle that a true sense of camaraderie comes about. In this sense, I would also like to thank George (pictured above, kneeling in front of me) for his kind words, there is nothing more confidence building than hearing such kind words of praise from a comrade that I hold in the highest of regards. Lou (pictured above, kneeling on the far left) has also been an inspiration with her bubbly personality and commitment to getting stuck in! I have also appreciated the company, compassion and concern of Steve, another comrade who I’ve yet to capture on camera!Image

My thanks go to Alex (pictured above) Branch Chair and Justin (pictured below, front and centre) Branch Secretary, for being two inspirational leaders of the Plymouth branch of the Socialist Party. I shall continue to show my appreciation through hard graft and an iron resolve.


Finally, I shall leave you with a picture of the 90+ Socialist Party comrades, all stood together after an intense weekend of training for the future struggles that the working classes are destined to face. If you feel isolated in your desperation, take comfort in seeing a party of workers thriving. Guided by ideology, a sense of justice and fairness for everyone we hope to be joined as people reject mainstream political parties for their betrayals to working people. We need change and we need to build it together. Let us, the workers of the world, unite!


Yours Fraternally,

Ryan Aldred

P.S. As much as this has been a political post I would also like to thank Karis in a personal capacity for putting up with my incessant political diatribe, I am looking for the brakes to slow down Karis, but until I find them I shall continue to frantically push buttons to see what happens!

One final thanks goes to Ewa, yesterday I was on the brink of despair and with a few short but direct words you pointed out the error of my ways. I look forward to seeing you this summer, my lady x

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