We’re all in this together, or are we? A critique of Capitalism


It’s easy to see how people have become so disillusioned as their options are to vote for the blue, red, yellow and now it seems, purple suit who are there for themselves rather than the people. Labour’s solution is to do everything the Conservatives are currently doing, but slower. In the meantime they’ll be likely to borrow more billions which the Tories will insist need to be paid back, while ordinary people see their lives stripped back to the bare minimum or worse. We need only look to Spain or Greece to see where we are headed.

I would like to think that my thesis is based on logical argument rather than an argument purely from emotion so I would ask the reader not to¬†misconstrue my analysis as bitterness.¬†Though it must also be said that I believe a little indignation is wholly justified; the rich are amassing even greater fortunes whilst everybody else faces austerity and told to repeat the mantra of “we’re all in this together.” It is self-evident that we are not. Millionaires have been given tax cuts and yet I can guarantee there will be no more economic stimulation coming from the “job creators”. Once again we’re reminded of the wonders of trickle-down economics and yet, those of us at the bottom remain bone-dry once again.

The proposed solution by this Government of millionaires to slash benefits is ill-conceived, ideologically driven and quite frankly cruel. I understand that we should by no means encourage people to stay on benefits but to try and cut back on benefits when there is such a lack of jobs available could be disastrous. It will lead to an upsurge in crime as people will have nowhere else to turn if and when they start getting desperate. Yet these people are labelled as scroungers and what is their crime? Homelessness, hunger and ill-health!

I identify the real scrounging to be coming from the bankers and business folk. These elite, or bourgeoisie, amass fortunes despite creating no real wealth. The wealth comes from workers actually producing the commodities which the fat cats profit from selling. Of course, I know the business folk do contribute a small level of entrepreneurship to the mix but essentially they are growing fat off the labours of others.

There needs to be investment in British industry and there needs to be a crackdown on big businesses who are undercutting British minimum wage by employing migrant workers through agencies in less economically developed countries like Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. I have no problem with immigration, in fact, I appreciate its many benefits as I think it adds to the vitality of culture. It allows us to experience new food, fashion and taste. However, to exploit immigrants to make a fast buck is both immoral and unfair as it means that both Brits and immigrants lose out while a handful of fat cats profit. Therefore, we must stand with our international brothers and sisters against the real scourge of the ruling elite, or bourgeoisie, and fight for better living conditions for all, both nationally and globally.

I would also like to clarify that it’s not the people at the top of the system that I have a problem with per se, though it would be foolish to think that many of them don’t know exactly what they are doing. My problem is with the system itself, the system being Capitalism. The Capitalist system helps to create these people who have lost sight of their humanity in the pursuit of material enrichment, no matter what the cost to other people, or indeed, the planet. As such I do not sit bitterly lamenting what’s wrong and finding those who are easy to blame, as it’s easy to do so and moralise while upholding the very system that’s at fault by doing nothing.

There are those who are more to blame and they will be held accountable, their ill-gotten gains will need to be stripped and redistributed more equally amongst the people. However, I bear just as much of a responsibility to change the system as the next person. Thus, I have chosen to stand up and be counted in the hope that we can hold up a light to the corruption and greed which has gripped our political elite for far too long and I would encourage others to stand with me, and together we can build a new and prosperous future. A future of plenty, not for the few who tell the rest of us that we must go without, but for each and every one of us.

What do I call this future?



Bloody Scroungers…


Homelessness is never usually a lifestyle choice. I have spoken to many homeless people in both Plymouth and Exeter and in an overwhelming majority of cases they started out as hard workers who have lost their job in the triple-dip recession and have fallen through the cracks thanks to the lack of jobs and the government’s crackdown on “scroungers”.

The fact is that there aren’t enough jobs for everybody and particularly with the bedroom tax and cuts to council tax benefit, people will be forced out of their homes or will be forced into renting in the private sector which will increase rather than decrease the welfare bill. Not only that, but there needs to be investment in the manufacturing industries to get Britain building houses and producing things again.

This government is dividing and ruling working class people by pitting them against each other rather than dealing with the real issues. Our economy is in ruins and this government is making it worse by cutting during a recession. Labour are not the solution either as their reckless borrowing has done nothing but arm the Tories with an excuse to sell off the remnants of the welfare state to private interests. Will the NHS be better off in private hands? We need only look at the extortionate prices charged by energy companies and train operators to see where that’ll go. We need to nationalise the banks and democratise the one area of politics that is the most influential, the economy.

Make no mistake, I’m not an apologist for those “bumming off the state” but the Daily Mail’s idea of a “scrounger” only applies to a very narrow section of society which is brought about by alienation from lack of community cohesion. An overwhelming majority are willing to work hard but there are no jobs out there, they’re willing to pay their way but more and more is demanded from them by a government of greedy, clueless millionaires and this is all topped off by people more willing to turn their nose up at the less fortunate rather than helping them up or at least demanding that the government get their act together. It’s the government and their banker buddies who are the real scroungers, not the homeless.

There are others out there trying to do something positive rather than being a full-time martyr in the online world. Let’s build a future that works for everyone not just the “privileged”.

What can we do? Organise!

Let’s give the working classes some encouragement by building for a general strike, the first of its kind in Britain since 1926. Sign this petition…


…and let’s lobby the TUC to mobilise the millions of people who are needlessly suffering from the effects of this government’s austerity program when another solution is possible, a Socialist solution

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